DAN eNewsletter |  October 2008


It's been a while since the last DAN eNewsletter.  In the interim, the new DAN website has been launched, the 2009 DAN Conference Programme has been confirmed and a new Editoral Comittee has been enjoying the creative process of compiling the 20th issue of Dialogue Australasia journal (due out in early November).

The eNewsletter also has a new look and functionality.  At a glance you'll be able to identify what new material has been posted on the DAN website and access it in one click.  This month we'll introduce some of the features on the new website to help you make the best use of this resource.  As always, your feedback is most welcomed.           



Looking for Books, DVDs, Teaching Notes & Units to support your RAVE classes?  Resources are conveniently grouped under the 5 Strand Areas of Philosophy of Religion, Biblical & Christian Strand,Theoretical & Applied Ethics, World Religions, Silence & Stillness.  You'll need to have your DAN user name & password handy to access some of these resources (available for DAN members only).


Exploring the Nature of Religion & Spirituality is an excellent stand alone exercise Dr Felicity McCutcheon uses with her Yr 9 classes at Melbourne Grammar School to generate conversation about Spirit (readily adaptable for all secondary classes).



blog |bläg|     (A contraction of Web log) is a website maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, links to other webpages and other material such as graphics or video. 

An important feature of a blog is the ability for readers to leave comments in an interactive format.  Which is a not so subtle way of encouraging you to contribute to the dialogue via the DAN Blog. Simply "Leave A Reply" and "Submit"

Pixar’s latest creation WALL-E, is a must see. It’s a movie you’re going to want to bring into the classroom and use as the basis for a whole RAVE unit.  Read more...



Karen Armstrong's book, A History of God is now accessible via a 93 minute film. Originally produced by The History Channel, this is a useful visual teaching resource that examines the evolution and interrelation of the various Jewish, Christian and Islamic interpretations of the divine within different cultural and historical contexts.



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REwind - Highlights of recent radio programmes and articles of particular relevance to the RAVE classroom

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  Recent programmes listed on the DAN section What's On include:

Pius XII, Hitler and the Jews with Paul O'Shea. 
Paul will be presenting a workshop at the 2009 DAN Conference on Christian-Jewish relations.

On Death Row - What do the condemned think when they're on death row?
A unique insight from two of the 'Bali 9' to contribute to a classroom discussion on capital punishment.

Compass 3 Part Education SeriesMore than the 3 Rs, A Muslim Education, A Christian Education

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The Victorian Abortion Bill - Frank Brennan rebuts "authoritarian" abortion allegations

A Euology for the Abbot of New Norcia - Monastic Gaze though money myopia - Andrew Hamilton pauses to reflect on the iife of a monk whose eye was always fixed beyond the horizon...



We welcome contributions to the DAN Calendar of Events to promote awareness of Professional Development opportunities for RAVE teachers.

21 October, Parkville VIC
Teaching Christian Meditation to Students - Workshop for Teachers with Ruth Fowler
World Community for Christian Meditation

2pm, 20 November, Port Melbourne VIC
Religious Education Forum - Beyond Agnoticism in the Classroom with John Power
Victorian Council for Christian Education

27 November - 4 December, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth
Teaching Philosophy & Ethics Seminars with Matthew Wills



15-17 April 2009, Old Parliament House, Canberra
Teaching the Abrahamic Religions:  Christianity in Dialogue with Judaism & Islam.

The Conference Programme and Registration Form are online.  Don't leave it until next year to register - places are limited!



It's not too late to renew your 2008 Membership! Contact the DAN EO or simply join online. Only financial members of DAN and journal subscribers will receive the 20th issue of Dialogue Australasia (due on your desk in early November).  Invoices for 2009 will be posted with the journal.