PHILOSOPHY TEXTBOOKS (loose definition of “textbook”!)

Thanks to Dominic Hodnett, Head of Philosophy, Ethics & Religion at Christ Church Grammar School, Perth WA for starting this list of Philosophy Books for Teachers & Students in Yrs 8-12

We welcome any suggestions to add to this list.

All books listed here can be ordered through Amazon

Must Haves
* Philosophy Stephen Law, Doring Kindersley, 2007 – ISBN 9781405317634
Excellent introduction to the subject

* Thinking Through Philosophy: An Introduction C.Horner & E.Westacott – ISBN 0521626579
Comprehensive yet accessible

* The Moral of the Story, Nina Rosenstand, McGraw-Hill, ISBN 0072963352
Comprehensive and accessible overview of ethics

* The Thinker’s Guide to God, Peter Vardy & Julie Arliss, ISBN 190381622-X
An acessible exploration of the range of approachs to God that have influenced the Western Christian tradition.

* The Thinker’s Guide to Evil, Peter Vardy & Julie Arliss, ISBN 190381633-5

General Reading

*The War for Children’s Minds, Stephen Law (for more information about this important book arguing that RE should encourage independent, critical thought, see DAN Blog)

* Wellbeing, Mark Venon, The Art of Living Series, 2008, ISBN 1844651533
Vernon draws on the thought of the ancient Greek Philosophers and challenges us to think about our values and beliefs. A very accessible text challenging us to go beyond the search for “happiness” and rather work out what we love and how to love it.

* Philosophy: A Guide Through the Subject, A.C. Grayling, OUP, 1995, 0198751575

* An Introduction to Philosophical Analysis, John Hospers, Routledge & Kegan Paul, 0710077246

* Looking at Philosophy: The Unbearable Heaviness of Philosophy Made Lighter 4th Ed
Donald Palmer – ISBN 0072828951

* The Philosopher at the end of the Universe Mark Rowlands, ISBN 0091903882
Humorous and relatively accessible

* Ways of Knowing: An introduction to the Theory of Knowledge Michael Woolman
ISBN 1876659068 – International Baccalaureate Textbook

* The Story of Philosophy, Bryan Magee – ISBN 978-0789479945
Classic overview

* The Philosophy Gym Stephen Law – ISBN 0312314523
Accessible and packed with thought provoking dialogues that probe core philosophical issues

For Beginners

* The Philosophy Files Stephen Law – ISBN 1858817900
Used with Yr 9

* Philosophy for Beginners Max Charlesworth – ISBN 9780702236068

* The Philosophers Toolkit Julian Baggini & Peter Fosl – ISBN 0631228748
Excellent for reasoning

* A Rulebook for Arguments Anthony Weston – ISBN 0872205525
Excellent for reasoning

* A Beginner’s Guide to Ideas, William Raeper & Linda Smith, Lion, 1991 – ISBN 0745921361
Geared toward school age students but with a comprehensive coverage of core philosophical themes with an emphasis on their relationship with religion

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