The following are a selection of useful Philosophy websites. We welcome any comments or additions to this list.


Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy


Pathways School of Philosophy

6 excellent philosophy programmes and selection of essays.

The Continential Community of Inquiry (CCOI) compiled by Matthew del Nero
One of the clearest and most useful resources for doing Philosophy with students. The introduction explains the community of inquiry approach to continental philosophy and gives advice to students and teachers. Contains texts and questions suitable for students of any age, for beginners or more experienced students.

The Royal Institute of Philosophy Journal Think
Contains articles on contemporary philosophy in accessible language. Requires a subscription but many articles can be accessed for free.

Sydney Grammar School Philosophy Club
Discussion papers covering such topics as The Matrix, Brains in a Vat and Scepticism, Can a Robot be Conscious?

The Philosopher’s Magazine Online
Articles, Thinking Games & Activities and a link to Talking Philosophy – Blog with links to many other Philosophy Sites

Includes over 19,000 categorised links to philosophy resources on the Internet (click on ‘Philosophers’ or ‘Topics’)

The Internet Encyclopaedia of Philosophy


Introduction to Philosophy Syllabus
Excellent online resources listed by topic


Philosophy Exercises
Exercises with multiple choice problems


Studio Robot
Critical thinking tasks

Argument Mapping Tutorials

Specialist Topics

Spark Notes
Study Guides (search ‘Philosophy’ then select)

Full Text Resources

Internet Medieval Sourcebook

Canonical Philosophic Texts

The Perseus Digital Library

Athenaeum Library of Philosophy
Classical texts

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