Ways to Approach the Concept of Creation
Dr Felicity McCutcheon, Head of Religion & Philosophy, Melbourne Grammar School

A practical paper given at the 2007 DAN Conference outlining an approach to teaching the Genesis and Creation stories to Yr 8-9. The following questions are considered, What do we take ourselves to be teaching when we teach Creation? Or more specifically, What we are teaching about when we teach Creation? Addresses the following:

  • Identifying our prejudices and assumptions:
    – Intellectual stumbling blocks concerning the Bible and Science
    – Spiritual stumbling blocks – the modern inability to grasp and respond to mystery and metaphor
  • Awakening a sense of divine horizon: Spirituality Framework
  • Finding our true selves (Nature of spirituality and Religion exercise)
  • Metaphor, Mystery and Myth
  • Introduction to Biblical Studies including the multi-authorship theory of the creation stories and contexts in which they were produced
  • Investigation of Big Bang and Evolutionary Theories
  • Assignment on Creation


For comprehensive teaching notes from Peter Vardy and Julie Arliss, including those below and more see Teaching the Bible CD



Keystage 5 – Years 9 & 10

Chocolat by Reverend Chris Bedding, Macquarie Anglican Grammar School


  • Sacrament of Confession/Reconciliation
  • Domestic Violence
  • Racism
  • Sexuality

Keystage 4 – Years 7 & 8

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope by Rev Chris Bedding, Macquarie Anglican Grammar School


  • The Force – Silence & Stilness, Philosophy or Religion, World Religions
  • Hermits and Holy People – World Religions
  • Good and Evil – Philosophy of Religion
  • Sentience – Philosophy of Religion

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