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Tackling Tough Questions (DVD & Teacher’s Notes), REtoday 2008
A teaching & learning pack for use with 14-19yr olds to think deeply about God, evil, suffering and death

Teaching Good & Evil, Dialogue Australasia Network
A CD for teachers containing Powerpoint Presentations on: The Augustinian Tradition, The Irenaean Tradition, Ivan Karamazov, Evil in the Bible, Institutional Evil, Articles on: An Islamic Perspective on the Problem of Evil, Augustinian Theodicy, Hicks’ Irenaean Theodicy, Video Interviews with Rabbi Albert Friedlander on the problem of evil from a Jewish perspective and Professor Ann Mortimer on the possibility of a source of evil independent of the human psyche.

The Examined Life, The Series Set of 13 DVD, Marcom

Using writings of past philosophers and interviews with 50 contemporary thinkers, the episodes study The Great Questions including:
6INTEL01 – What is Philosophy? What is Human Nature?
6INTEL05 – Is Time Real? Does God Exist?
6INTEL06 – Can we Know God Through Experience?

Root of all Evil – The God Delusion, Professor Richard Dawkins
2 Part Programme aired on ABC Compass May 2007

A strongly authored series where Professor Richard Dawkins accuses Christianity, Islam and Judaism of beliefs that defy science, of stunting the mind’s capacity for understanding and being the root of all evil.

What the Bleep Do We Know?

A meeting point between science and spirituality that outlines a new model for thinking about the universe and our role in it. A radical re-visioning of answers to the most asked questions – What is it? Where do we fit in? Why do we do what we do?

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