1. Marguerite Buckley

    I think the following question is one that young people will be struggling with at the moment.
    In the light of the political upheaval being experienced in many parts of the world, and of the many natural disasters that have occurred in recent months, how do young people find hope in a positive future? Can religions offer any light in dark times?

    thanks, Marguerite

  2. Patrick Marman

    I have Religious Studies students undertaking a semester unit entitled Search for Meaning. One of the things we have explored is the relationship between the fundamental assumptions of world views and the claimed commitments in terms of ontology, epistemology, axiology, teleology and how change occurs. One of the outcomes is an awareness that ideas like hope are directly linked to ontological and epistemoligical commitments. So rather than asking if a religion offers hope, we ask what world views are capable of sustaining the idea of hope.

    Cheers, Patrick

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