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2018 Conference, Being Human: Education and the search for meaning

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2015 Conference Website, REcreate! Teaching RE through the Arts

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2013 Conference Website, The Unique Role RE has in nurturing Critical & Creative Thinking, Ethical Behaviour, Intercultural Understanding, Personal & Social Capability

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2011 Conference Website, Engaging Sceptical Minds with Ultimate Questions

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2009 Conference Website, Teaching the Abrahamic Religions: Christianity in Dialogue with Judaism & Islam

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2007: The Crisis of Meaning, Challenges facing Science & Religion in the 21st Century
11-13 April 2007, Lourdes Hill College, Brisbane

Ways to Approach the Concept of Creation
Dr Felicity McCutcheon, Head of Religion & Philosophy, Melbourne Grammar School

A practical paper outlining an approach to teaching the Genesis and creation stories to Yr 8-9. The following questions are considered, What do we take ourselves to be teaching when we teach Creation? Or more specifically, What we are teaching about when we teach Creation?

The Nature of Reality:  Science, Religion, Truth and Today’s World, Dr Peter Vardy

2006: Beyond the Curriculum – Developing the Whole Person
19-21 April 2006, King’s College, Auckland

Beyond Virtue: Kierkegaard’s Challenge
Dr Peter Vardy, Heythrop College, London University UK (presented via satellite)

Creative Critical Thinking
Roderic A. Girle, Philosophy Department, University of Auckland NZ

Education as a Humanising Activity
Dr Felicity McCutcheon, Head of Religion & Philosophy, Melbourne Grammar School

The Neurological Basis of Religious Experience and Implications for Teaching Higher Order Thinking
Professor David Whitehead, University of Waikato, Hamilton NZ

2005: Relevance and Rigour in Values Education – Fostering Relevance & Rigour
13-15 April 2005, Newington College, Sydney

What is Values Education?
Professor Emeritus Brian Hill, Murdoch University, Perth

Living life Sub Specie Aeternitatis
Dr Peter Vardy, Heythrop College, London University UK

Values education cannot just be about teaching people which acts they should and should not do. It needs to be located in a broader educational setting which is part of the search for human wholeness and the development of human potential.

Challenge to Values in a Changing Society
Rachel Kohn, ABC Religion Presenter

How to live well : Aristotle Old and New
Prof Rosalind Hursthouse

2004 COLLOQUIUM: Truth in the Curriculum
15-18 April 2004, Prince Alfred College, Adelaide

Truth in the Bible
Dr Felicity McCutcheon, Head of Religion & Philosophy, Melbourne Grammar School

Truth in World Religions
Dr Peter Vardy, Heythrop College, London University UK

Truth in Ethics

Prof Grant Gillett, Professor of Medical Ethics, University of Otago Medical School, Dunedin

Truth in Religious Experience
Jamie Large, Head of Eudemology

Truth in Science
Dr Peter Vardy, Heythrop College, London University UK

2003: Becoming Fully Human: The Five Strands Approach to Religious & Values Education
13-16 April 2003, Melbourne Grammar School, Melbourne

Teaching Religion in an Age of Science
Dr Felicity McCutcheon

The Urgency of Understanding Islam: A Primary Task for Religious Education
Professor Terry Lovat, Pro Vice-Chancellor, University of Newcastle, NSW

Fullest Humanity – Implications for the Ethical Life
Dr Jane Walton

2002: Ethics and Spirituality: Towards a New Learning Dynamic
17-19 April 2002, Canberra Girls Grammar School, ACT

Becoming Fully Human- Spirituality, Ethics and Values Education Across the Curriculum
Dr Peter Vardy, Heythrop College, London University UK

What is Philosophy and how might it be incorporated into Education?
Dr Felicity McCutcheon, Canberra Girls Grammar School

Teaching Ethics in the Curriculum
Deborah Stevens, Chilton Saint James School, Lower Hutt NZ

Teaching Ethics in the Secondary School
John Waters, Head of RE, Parkstone Grammar School UK

Genetic Engineering, Cloning, Stem Cell Research, Pre-implantation, Genetic Diagnosis and Gen-Rich Children: The Impact on Education
Dr Peter Vardy, Heythrop College, London University UK

Spirit Makes Us Human – The Recovery of the Sacred in Student Experience
Dr David Tacey, La Trobe University, Melbourne

The Values that Surround Us: Teaching Ethics in a Postmodern World
Dr Jeremy Hall, Head of Philosophy, Hutchesons’ Grammar School, Glasgow UK

Stillness, Reflection, Meditation in the Curriculum
Michael Schell, Head of Religious Education, Loreto Normanhurst NSW

Finding God in All Things
Christopher Gleeson SJ, Rector, St Ignatius College, Riverview NSW

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