One of the ways that DAN supports its members is by sourcing and promoting excellent resources including teaching units with accompanying resources and ideas on curriculum planning.

These resources are generously contributed by teachers who are committed to improving the standard of teaching and learning in Religion and Philosophy in Australia and New Zealand. Resources are shared with the permission of the respective schools in which they have been developed. All material posted online is available for DAN members for classroom use only, and is not to be reproduced for any other purpose without prior written consent from the DAN EO.

Note for contributors to the DAN Website

DAN exists to promote a critical and creative approach to teaching Religion, Philosophy & Values.

As such, we are not seeking to post units of work that replicate what can be found in textbooks and which assess facts with closed questions (which has merit in certain contexts, but which is not our particular aim here).

Rather, we are seeking units of work that:

  • foster intellectual rigour
  • stimulate independent critical thought
  • ensure the integration of understanding with personal experience
  • provide creative assessment tools

Example: World Religions Exercise

Rather than simply assess students on their knowledge of the meaning of words, a tool like this requires them to integrate understanding and apply in a context.


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List of resources for Teaching about Religion and Science (accompaniment to 36th Issue of Dialogue Australasia Journal), November 2016

The New Moral Horizon:  Going Beyond Good and Evil in The Dark Knight Trilogy and Dead Man Walking’ by Nikolai Blaskow, Canberra (Issue 24, Nov 2015)

Resources accompanying this article include:

Yr 9 Unit: The Gift of Pain and ‘Disenablement’ in a Suffering World

Yr 10 Ethics Unit: The Dark Knight & The Dark Knight Rises

It is well worth revisiting an article & accompanying resources Nikolai wrote for Issue 30 on The Dark Knight Trilogy and Dead Man Walking:

Article: Ethics: Beyond Judgement and Death. Rationale and Student Unit Outline by Nikolai Blaskow, Canberra (Nov 2013)

Senior Ethics Unit Outline, ‘Beyond Judgement and Death: An Ethics Unit for Senior Students Using Film’ (Nov 2013)


Guide to Teaching about Aboriginal Religion through Art by Jack Egan v1.0 by Jack Egan, Katherine NT (May 2015)

Jack has generously developed this structured aide to teaching about Aboriginal Religion through Art and made it openly accessible. It will also help you address the cross – curriculum priority of the Australian Curriculum to teach about Indigenous history, culture and stories. Key ideas are explained and illustrated in art through hyperlinks to publicly available and authoritative webpages. It also contains an annotated list of a small number of resources, which are recommended for purchase, as they are not available free on the web.


Sacred Treasures and RE by Angela McCarthy  (May 2015)

An article redacted for DAN from a chapter originally printed in McCarthy, Angela. “Art for God or to God through Art.” In In Praise of Worship, edited by David J Cohen and Michael Parsons, 162-175. Eugene, Oregon: Pickwick Publications, 2010.

This article will be of great practical assistance for anyone interested in planning an icon making activity with their class.


Nov 2014: Article What Does It Mean to be Human?6 lessons to start the journey by Brian Poxon, with additional supporting resources including:

Yr 8 Scheme of Work: What does it mean to be human?

Lesson 1 PPT: What is philosophy and what is a human?

Lesson 2 PPT: What is a human being?

Lesson 3 Document: What is a human and what is not?

Lesson 4 PPT: Is your mind the same as your brain? and Lesson 4 Document: Mind Criteria Game

Lesson 5 PPT: The Continuing Self

Lesson 6 PPT: Is there something called the Self?



* From the March & June 2012 DAN Workshops: Teaching Middle School RE (Yrs 7-10) with Dr Felicity McCutcheon

Presentation and additional resources from workshop (registered participants only).


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