mY Generation SBS Series

Several people have enquired if there is a way of getting copies of the 6 part SBS documentary series mY Generation. The series put Australian youth under the spotlight to reveal what they really think and feel about the big issues; religion, politics, adulthood, housing and community engagement.

You can view each of the episodes online – and record to play in class (subject to usual copyright regulations of course!)

As a reminder of what each of the episodes covered:

Episode 1 – Y God

Convinced Generation Y is losing its soul and suspicious that organised religion can’t give it back to them, writer and director Ben Lucas sets out to discover the spiritual essence of our youth. Why are more young people turning away from religion and what, if any, are the consequences of this increasing trend?

Episode 2 – Y 21

Morgan, Brody and Sarah are three Generation Yers about to turn twenty-one. They are about to be considered ‘adults’ the world over and they are all planning huge parties to celebrate. But are they ready to grow up? If fifty is the new forty, what is twenty-one?

Episode 3 – Y Dwell

Owning your own property seems to be part of the Australian DNA. But with rental prices across the nation increasing, Generation Y’s approach to housing is changing. Y Dwell presents three very different approaches. Newly married couple, Rachel and Marty Roach decide that moving back to Rachel’s father’s house is the best way of saving the money they need to buy a new home. Two other young couples decide to pool their cash and buy a house further out of the city, while married couple Nathan and Kasia take matters into their own hands and invest in a direct marketing campaign, to help them find their dream home.

Episode 4 – Fresh Off the Boat

What do Australia’s Generation Y think about multiculturalism, and how do second-generation migrants deal with engrained racial stereotypes? Meet the band F.O.B (Fresh off the Boat), a mixed group of Malaysian, Indian, Filipino, Egyptian and Assyrian musicians whose savvy Hip Hop rhymes make light-hearted fun of traditional ethnic stereotypes. Says Christian (A.K.A MC Justice), “A lot of the time people just write Hip Hop songs about Hip Hop. We’re trying to break out of that and write Hip Hop Songs about stuff that relates to us, and stuff that other people can relate to.” Having built up solid credentials with an ethnic audience, F.O.B take their songs and message to a broader audience and perform at Federation Square, in Melbourne. But is Australia ready for a generation who are prepared to laugh in the face of issues which have traditionally been too sensitive to joke about?

Episode 5 – Electioneering

Gen Y student politician David Wilkins is a true believer. He wants to be elected president of the Adelaide University Union but faces two major obstacles- his political opponent and student apathy.

At Adelaide University student politicians are gearing up for the one week of the year that matters- election week. But their job has never been harder, with Gen Yers so cynical of politics and politicians, the student pollies have become pariahs and no one knows this more than David Wilkins, the incumbent president at the Adelaide University Union. Make no mistake, David is on his way to play politics with the big boys in Canberra, but first he has to take out this election…

Episode 6 – Age of Avatars

A wireless network has been detected and Gen Y is definitely connected but in an age of avatars and online personas can you really successfully balance a virtual life with a real one?

Entirely accustomed to interacting online, Gen Y has changed the way we communicate with each other. With email, online games, online journals, Facebook, MySpace, messaging and countless other ways of interacting it is obvious that the internet has become an essential part of our day to day lives. If you’re not connected, you’re missing out! But having a Virtual Life brings with it responsibilities and commitments – just like Real Life. Age of Avatars explores the real and virtual lives of some Gen Yers struggling to obtain a balance. Can they really have the best of both worlds?

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