When you’ve finished exploring the DAN site – here are some other places you might like to visit.

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Australian Association for Religious Education (AARE)

Australian Association for the Study of Religions (AASR)

Federation of Australasian Philosophy in Schools (FAPSA)


Dialogue – A Journal of Religion and Philosophy (UK)


Adelaide College of Divinity
Master of Ministry, Doctor of Ministry

Charles Sturt University

MA in Religious and Values Education –  a new course developed in close consultation with teachers and key professionals to meet the challenges of the contemporary RE classroom.  Opportunities also exist for individual research and specialist supervision at Masters level.

Grad Certificate in Religious and Values Education– A highly recommended, flexible course offered by distance education designed to provide teachers with a grounding in biblical, philosophical, ethical and multi-faith disciplines within religious studies.

Flinders University SA
Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies, Graduate Diploma in Theological Studies, Master of Theological Studies

Heythrop College UK - The Specialist Philosophy and Theology College of the University of London


Academy Conferences - Gifted & Talented and Religious Studies Student Conferences with Julie Arliss

Arthur Bolkas Consultancy – Speaker, criminologist, actor, writer – sharing personal experiences of imprisonment and redemption to educate and inspire students.

BioethicsMatters – Professional Development and teaching resources in the important field of biotechnologies and the ethical, social and legal ramifications associated with them.

Christian Contemplation Curriculum (NZ) – A joint project between the NZ Anglican and Presbyterian Church Schools’ Offices, developed in response to schools wanting  to access resources and curriculum from within their own rich and deep Christian contemplative tradition.

EthicsOnline – Dynamic films exploring ethical issues for classroom use with accompanying teacher’s notes and classroom activities – A New Global Digital Library providing users with free access to full text versions of about 200 journals and more than a million documents in the field of applied ethics.

JCMA - Jewish Christian Muslim Association Schools Programme – An interfaith project for Primary & Secondary students in both Government and Independent schools. A Jewish-Christian-Muslim team visits students across Victoria to introduce themselves and their faith journey followed by an opportunity for Q&A.

Meditation with Children

PATHWAYS – a presentation supported by a coalition of faith and free thought groups, designed for Year 10 in Victoria.  Presenters worldviews include Indigenous spirituality, Abrahamic and Asian religions, the Enlightenment viewpoints expressed by Humanist, Rationalist and Atheist voices, and Sustainability activism.

Philosophical Investigations – An exhaustive resource for Secondary Philosophy & Ethics (based on UK GSCE & AS syllabus)

Philosophy Bites – Podcasts of top philosophers interviewed on bite-sized topics… also see Ethics Bites and Bio-Ethics Bites

Philosothon – Find out about Philosothon competitions being conducted in all States, as well as the National Philosothon

Public Ethics Radio – A new online radio service hosted by the Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics, featuring 30 minute programs where an ethicist discusses a pressing practical dilemna in an accessible fashion. Programs can be downloaded as podcasts from the website and iTunes.

Religious Education Database

RESource: Online Learning & Teaching Intiative of the Catholic Education Office, Melbourne
A fantastic resource offering teaching modules on Ethics, Scripture, Worship and Church History

School of Spiritual Practices – insights from Dr Nicholas Coleman (Head of Religious Education at Wesley College, VIC), including Three Spiritual Exercises that you could try with your students.

The Golden Rule Poster (from Columbian Mission Institute, NSW) – a downloadable poster showing the principle in the sacred texts of thirteen different religions and spiritualities, including Australian Aborigines.  Download free resources supporting The Golden Rule Poster or order copies of the poster for your school.

The Tony Blair Faith Foundation including the International Schools Face to Faith Project

The World Community for Christian Meditation

Wombat Education – Teacher and student conferences and resources designed to improve the standard of religious and values education with Peter & Charlotte Vardy

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