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Issue 44 – November 2020

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Issue 43 – July 2020

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Issue 42 – November 2019

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Issue 38 – November 2017

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Issue 37: Tough Ethical Issues

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Issue 36: Religion & Science

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Issue 35

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Issue 34 : The Problem of Evil & Suffering

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  • God and The Problem of Evil by Brendan Sweetman
  • Augustine on Evil by Phillip Carey
  • Is God Evil? by Stephen Law
  • The Problem of Evil in Shadowlands by Mary Litch
  • Of what was Moses afraid? by Jonathan Sacks
  • Contending with God: Suffering and Faith in the Story of Job by  Sarah Bachelard
  • A Dog called Boris by Nicky Hansell
  • The Buddhist view of Good and Bad by Robina Courtin
  • Bystanders and the Social Psychology of Evil by Kylie Bourne
  • The New Moral Horizon: Going Beyond Good and Evil in The Dark Knight Trilogy and Dead Man Walking by Nikolai Blaskow*

* Resources accompanying this article can be accessed online by DAN Members.

Issue 33 – REcreate! Teaching RE through the Arts
(2015 DAN Conference accompanying resource)

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  • Spirituality, Art and Innocence by Michael Leunig – Melbourne
  • Religion as Metaphor; or, Faith Without Belief by David Tacey – Melbourne
  • Child Mind – Teaching the Way of Haiku by Gary Gach – San Francisco
  • “Yes, but what is your Pedagogy?” What can Artists Teach us about Pedagogy in Religious Education? by Peter Mudge – Broken Bay
  • K(no)w Spirit, K(no)w God – RE & the Art of the Spiritual Journey to God-Realisation by Nicholas Coleman – Melbourne
  • Memory, Learning and Story by Nicky Hansell – Yorkshire
  • **Burrawja – Teaching about Aboriginal Religion by Jack Egan – Katherine
  • Enhancing Bible Literacy and Learning Using Artful Thinking Protocols by Malcolm Woolrich – Melbourne
  • Film in the Classroom: A Powerful and Valuable Teaching Medium by Carol Hebron – Brisbane
  • Teaching Ethics through Movies by Peter & Charlotte Vardy – Yorkshire
  • Using Minecraft in RE by David Shapland – Mudgeeraba

**This article is an introduction to an invaluable larger resource, Guide to Teaching about Aboriginal Religion through Art, by Jack Egan (see Resources for more details).

Issue 32
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  • The Act of Bible Reading: A Narrative Approach by Dr Rob Freathy, Dr Esther Reed, Dr Anna Davis – Exeter
  • Parables, Prodigals and Pedagogy by Prof Amy-Jill Levine – Nashville
  • Way of Truth and Justice: Understanding Islamic Law by Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl – Los Angeles
  • The Relationship between Faith and Philosophy by Peter Williams – Southampton
  • To Infinity and Beyond – Exploring “Life as a Spiritual Journey” in Middle School RE by Dr Nicholas Coleman – Melbourne*
  • What are they saying about… First Century Nazareth? by Dr Greg Jenks – Brisbane
  • Hannah Arendt and The Banality of Evil by Prof Ned Curthoys – Perth
  • Faith, Emotion and Wellbeing: A Modern Educational Imperative by Rev’d Chris Welsh – Canberra
  • Reviews: The Quest for a Moral Compass: A Global History of Ethics by Kenan Malik by Jonathan Sacks – London, Miriam Cosic – Sydney

* Additional resources supporting this article can be downloaded

Issue 31 

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  • The Bedales Assessed Course in Philosophy, Religion and Ethics by  Clare Jarmy, Petersfield
  • Teaching Evolution whilst Acknowledging Creationism by Michael Reiss, London
  • Beyond Stewardship –  Biblical Texts and Environmental Ethics by David Horrell and Anna Davis, Exeter
  • How do we know right from wrong? by Jane Caro, Antony Loewenstein, Simon Smart and Rachel Woodlock
  • Utilitarianism: An Overview for Secondary Students by Stephen Law, London
  • Teaching the Holocaust: ‘Safely in and safely out’ by Terry McDevitt, Adelaide
  • Faith and Positive Psychology in an Educational Setting by Eleanor Donnell, Geelong
  • The Chaplain as RE Teacher by Ronald Noone, Melbourne
  • Review: Jesus Redux, a Jesus for the 21st Century by Nikolai Blaskow, Canberra

Issue 30

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  • Educating the Heart by Fr Chris Gleeson SJ, Melbourne
  • Concepts of God by Professor Andrew Wright, London
  • What Does It Mean to be Human? 6 lessons to start the journey by Brian Poxon, Wells **
  • Ethics: Beyond Judgement and Death. Rationale and Student Unit Outline by Nikolai Blaskow, Canberra**
  • Life after Death by Nicky Hansell, Yorkshire
  • Stealing Contemplative Moments with Students by Tom Brennen, Sunshine North
  • Creating Space for Mindfulness by Leigh Burrows, Adelaide
  • Cast Out Into the Deep! The Art of Daring to Teach Religion by Megan McKenna, Albuquerque
  • Nurturing an Understanding of Muslims by Australia by Nahid Kabir, Adelaide

**Additional supporting resources for these articles (including PPTs) can be accessed on the DAN website under Resources (using your current User Name & Password)

Issue 29

  • The Third Revolution:  Rethinking Religious Education by Robert Crotty – Adelaide
  • The Big Idea of Tolerance by Julie Arliss – Taunton
  • Truth, Faith and Hope in Life of Pi by Peter Williams –Southampton
  • Expressing the Spiritual: Poetry for every Pupil by Lat Blaylock – Leicester
  • Moral Education – A UK Perspective byPeter Baron – Somerset
  • The Tony Blair Faith Foundation’s Face to Faith Programme by Professor Ian Linden & Dr Ian Jamison – London
  • A History of Hell by Nicky Hansell – Yorkshire
  • Lessons from a Middle Eastern Refugee School by Thomas Brennan – Cairo

Issue 28

  • Fear & Trembling: Teaching the Problem of Evil by Joe Jenkins & Nicky Hansell
  • After-birth Abortion: Using a Controversial Article to Teach Academic Argument by Deborah Stevens
  • Questions: Meaning, Purpose and Truth by Stephen Pett
  • The Study of Tim Winton’s Novel Cloudstreet in the Context of a Christian School by Chris Beal
  • Teaching Islam in the West by Asma Barlas
  • Self, Death & the Afterlife by Chad Meister
  • What Happens When We Die by Nicholas Coleman
  • Mimetic Theory & Lord of the Flies by Nikolai Blaskow
  • Fostering the Exploration of Philosophical and Ethical Questions among School Students by Matthew Wills
  • Review of A World of Prayers by Frank Sheehan

Issue 27

  • Spirit Makes Us Human* (Article & Student Activity) by David Tacey and Felicity McCutcheon
  • What was God doing for 45,000 Years? by Jack Egan
  • What are they saying about the Bible and History? by Gregory Jenks
  • Finding Similarities and Points of Connection between Positive Psychology and Christianity by McCall, Waters and White
  • Pornography and Education by Julie Arliss
  • On Common Ground: The Image of God and the Virtue of Love by Steven Ogden
  • Abortion: Approaching the Unapproachable by Joe Jenkins & Anita Jeffery
  • On Teaching and Seeing by Richard Browning

Issue 26

  • Transcendence and some Poems by Kevin Hart
  • What are they saying about the Pentateuch? by Gregory Jenks
  • Teaching Nietzsche, Dionysian Artist by Robert Miller
  • The Island Game – An Introduction to Judaism for Yrs 5-7 by Brian Poxon**
  • Two Letters – Three Generations – One Truth? by Nikolai Blaskow
  • Meaningful Teaching and the Restoration of Wonder* by Felicity McCutcheon
  • Art as a Stimulus for Dialogue by Emmanuel Skoutas
  • God and Evolution by Brendan Sweetman
  • The Silence under the Sound by John Foulcher

**Supporting teaching materials accompanying The Island Game – An Introduction to Judaism for Yrs 5-7 are available for download by DAN Members.

Issue 25

Issue 24

Issue 23

  • Teaching Environment Ethics by Joe Jenkins
  • Buddhism and Abortion by Damien Keown
  • What is Christianity and Why does this matter? by Dr Peter Vardy
  • Of Pets and Pests – Women, Children and Dogs by Dr Alan Cadwallader
  • Atheism and the Problem of an Absent God by Nikolai Blaskow
  • The Classics: Portals to Transcendence by Duncan MacLaurin
  • Keith Ward in Conversation with Clare Saunders, Part 1: What is Postmodernism and Part 2: Postmodernism and Religion by Andrew Wright

Issue 22

Dialogue Nov 2009.pdf (page 1 of 40)

  • The Personal Search Approach to Religious Education by Rob Kirkwood
  • If you’re happy and you know it.*by Dylan Bartlett
  • God after Darwin by Keith Ward
  • In the Beginning: Ecological Roots in Genesis 1-3 by Merilyn Clark
  • The Dark Knight by Nikolai Blaskow
  • Worldviews: My Truth/Your Truth – Relativism by John Dickson
  • Mingling Threads across Different Knowledge Domains: A Primary Perspective by Richard Browning
  • We’re all in this together – Values Education in the Classroom by Bruce Fleming
  • A Comprehensible Universe: The Interplay of Science and Theology (Book Review) by Dan Stollenwark

Issue 21 – A companion resource to the 2009 DAN Conference on Teaching the Abrahamic Religions: Christianity in Dialogue with Judaism and Islam


  • The Critical Imperative in Religion (Book Review of The Voice, the Word, the Books, F.E Peters) by Dr Rachael Kohn
  • Inter-faith Dialogue in Practice: St Francis of Assisi and Sultan Malek-al-Kamil by Dr Paul Rout
  • New Perspectives on Holocaust Education by Avril Alba
  • Teaching the Bible – Extract from Charles Sturt University Graduate Certificate in Religious and Values Education by Dr Felicity McCuthcheon
  • Approaching the Qur’an: Past and Present by Professor Abdullah Saeed
  • A Critically Realistic Pedagogy for Teaching the Abrahamic Religions by Professor Andrew Wright
  • The Golden Rule in Teaching other Religions by Fr Patrick McInerney
  • Help Bring Back Compassion to Religion by Karen Armstrong
  • Teaching the Abrahamic Religions by Emeritus Professor Robert Crotty
  • Sharing our Paradoxes by Fr Herman Roborgh SJ

Issue 20


The Need to Teach Abrahamic Religions by Dr Peter Vardy, Faith and Reason: the Nature of Arguements for the Existence of God by Dr Paul Rout, Human Rights – the Toledo Report. A Rationale for Religious Education by Catherine Syms, Sport and Spirituality – An Ancient Connection with Modern Times by Richard Pengelley, Examples of Creative Student Assessments by Dr Felicity McCutcheon, Silence Day at Nga Tawa Diocesan School by Peter Brown, Dialoguing The Exorcism of Emily Rose by Prof Grant Gillet, Five Minutes that didn’t shake the world – but one never knows by Revd Chris Welsh

Issue 19 Courage

Artistotle’s Courage by Duncan Gillies, Another Look at the ANZAC Tradition by Dr Phillip Tolliday, Neville Longbottom, Pope Benedict and Courage by Dr Peter Vardy, Religion, Conflict and Peace by Catherine Syms, Dead Poets Society by Deborah Stevens, Courage and Existential Terror by Dr Peter Bennett, The Courage of Jesus by Bishop Geoffrey Robinson

Issue 18 Beauty (not available)

The Devil Wears Prada: An Unattractive Beauty by Aaron Hardie, Where are the Beautiful People? The Franciscan Experience of Beauty by Dr Paul Rout, Benedict on Beauty: The Art of Celebrating Liturgy by Daniel J. Stollenwork, Life is Beautiful by Dr Phillip Tolliday, Religion and the Mystery of Beauty by Veronica Brady, Mathematics and Beauty or What Could be More Beautiful than Proof? by Heather Saywell, Beauty by Sr Elvera Sesta, Is Beauty a Vanishing Point? by Katrina Wattchow, Redefining Beauty: A Reflection on Contemplation of the Post Modern Student by Frances Horner, A Wide Open Lens: The Photography of Thomas Merton by Paul M. Pearson

Issue 17Religion  (not available)

Awakened and Astonished by Richard Rohr OFM, The Western Dialogue between Religion and Science by Dr Phillip Tolliday, A Place for Creation by Dr Graham English, The Neurological Basis of Religious Experience by Dr David Whitehead, Teaching World Religions Needs Critical Religious Literacy by Prof Peta Goldburg, Islamic and Christian Mysticism: The Possibility of Transcending Differences by Valerie De Brenni, Hinduism, Identity and Education: A Conversation with Dilip Chirmuley AM by Dr Heather Foster, The Gospel and Film by Archdeacon Monty Black

Issue 16 Forgiveness  (not available)

A Postmodern Interpretation of Forgiveness by Dr Phillip Tolliday, The Celtic Tiger: Forgiveness and Reconciliation by Dr Caroline Renehan, An Environment where Forgiveness Happens by Deborah Stevens and Rev Kay Stevens-Webster, Kant and the Paradox of Forgiveness by Charlotte Fowler, Encountering Forgiveness: A Conversation with Jeanne Ruff-O’Herne, The Ugly Green Orge and The Talking Cowboy Doll: Reconciliation, Forgiveness and Animated Children’s Films by Clare Hay, The Judas of the Newly Discovered Gospel of Judas by Prof Robert Crotty

Issue 15Love

What’s in a Name? Reflections on Deus Caritas Est, God is Love by Rev Michael McCabe and John Kleinsman, Love and Healing by Dr Christopher Newell, Kant on Love by Dr Fiona Ellis, Love is a Common Foundation for Cross-Cultural Bioethics by Dr Darryl Macer, Situation Ethics: The Ethics of Love by Dr Peter Vardy, Desperate Housewives by Helena Hawke and Francesca Stevens, Deus et Caritas: Some thoughts on Love by Brendan Callaghan SJ, Love Changes Everything by Rev Stevens-Webster, What does make the world go round? by Dr Felicity McCutcheon, Sex and Marriage in the Christian Tradition by Rev Duncan Dormor

Issue 14
The Challenges of Religious Education in the Third Millenium by Prof Robert Crotty, Bruce Almighty by Yvonne Smith, The Da Vinci Code and the Sacred Feminine by Julie Arliss, Francis of Assisi by Dr Paul Rout, Radical Activism or Biblical Teaching: Institutionalised Evil and the Book of Revelation by Rev Robyn French, The Need for Philosophy in Religious Education by Matthew del Nevo, On the Turtles Back: Teaching Science and Theology in a Relativistic Universe by Rev David Wilsher

Issue 13 – Death and Mortality
A Dialogue with Philip Nitschke, ‘I want to die like a dog’ – Euthanasia beyond slogans? by Michael McCabe and John Kleinsman, A film study – Harvie Krumpet and the Ethics of Disability and Death by Gerard Goggin and Christopher Newell, Life after Death: What Survives Death? Where is the After Life? Life after Death – Harry Potter by Dr Peter Vardy, God and the problem of suffering by Valerie De Brenni, Death in the Modern Age – helping children deal with it by Susan Brooke-Smith, Death, Life and the Roller-Coaster by Phillip Tolliday

Issue 12  (not available)
Where did Satan come from? by Laurie Woods, Monasticism: Embodying our thirst for God by Bosco Peters, Nothing but a pack of neurons? by Michael Poole, Raphael Santi: Conversation about the Eucharist by Dr Peter Vardy, Moral Reasoning and Absolute Values by Grant Gillet, Whale Rider Goes Deep by Dominic de Lay OP, The Struggles of Conscience and Justified Violence: Dietrich Bonhoeffer by Reid Perkins-Buzo

Issue 11

Values Fruitful by Christopher Glesson SJ, Truth in the Bible by Dr Felicity McCutcheon, The Lord of the Rings by Sr Antony Messenger Press, Truth in World Religions by Dr Peter Vardy, Superman: The Alien Messiah by Dr Anton Karl Kozlovic, God and the Presence of Evil by Trevor Cichero

Issue 10 – Crime and Punishment (not available)
The Green Mile by Rev Brian Douglas, Brubaker by Tracey Edstein, Crime and Punishment by Dr Peter Vardy, Is the God of the Old Testament an Angry, Punishing God? by Laurie Woods, Finding Nemo by Reid Perkins-Buzo OP, Spirit Makes us Human by David Tacey, Ethics in Brief by Deborah Stevens

Issue 9
The Urgency of Understanding Islam and what this can do for Us by Prof Terence Lovett, Is Religion Bad for the Environment? by Prof R J Berry, Connecting Morality and Religion by Jeff Astley, Four Portraits of Jesus by Richard Burridge, Fullest Humanity – Implications for the Ethical Life by Jane Walton, Ethics in Brief by Deborah Stevens

Issue 7 (not available)
It is not good to be alone by Laurie Woods, Marriage and Divorce by Michael Wilcockson, A Simple Plan by Tracey Edstein, Stillness and Silence – An essential aspect of the curriculum by Matthew Wills, Teaching through Narnia by Dr Felicity McCutcheon, Euthanasia by Helga Kuhse, Ethics in Brief by Deborah Stevens

Issue 6
Creation in Genesis by Laurie Woods, The Spitfire Grill by Tracey Edstein, Doing the Gospel Justice by Tony Brennan, The Use and Abuse of the Bible in Ethics by Ian McDonald, The Book of Genesis and Young People by Leo Drinkwater, The Thirsty Eye by Margaret Woodward, Ethics in Brief by Deborah Stevens

Issue 5 – Science and Religion
The Science & Religion Debate by Basil Mitchell, Teaching Personal Values: Challenges for Educators in a Scientific World by Kevin O’Shea, Contact: Spirit in the Sky? by Tracey Edstein, The Christian Church and Science by Beverly Zimmerman, Charles Darwin and the Doctrine of Creation by Ian Markham, Genetic Testing: A New Apartheid? by Dr Peter Vardy

Issue 4 (not available)
The Gene Genie by Sheila McLean, Independence, Inclusion and Division by Beverley Zimmerman, Ground Hog Day and the Book of Ecclesiastes by Helen Phillips, The Fillup Maurice 500 by Rowan Swaney, Miracles by David Torewell, Free Will and Determinism by Stephen Bouler, Lore of the Land by Majella Kelly, Philosophy Files by Dr Felicity McCutcheon

Issue 3
Design Argument Part 11 by Colin Crowder, A Gospel Portrait: Mark’s Jesus in Reign of God by Michele Connolly, Justice & Fairness to all Australians – A 21st Century View by Justice Marcus Einfeld AO QC, The Cosmological Argument by Jonathan Weber, The Matrix by Dr Peter Vardy & Julie Arliss, Liberation Theology by Andrew Bradstock, Life After Death by Jeff Astley, Genetic Engineering by David Cook

Issue 1
Abortion by David Smith, Types of Theism and Atheism by Andrew Wright, Euthanasia by Paul Badham, Morality & Religion by Robert Kirkwood, Darwinism and Christianity by Ian Markham, Proof & Probability by Harriet Harris, Interfaith Dialogue by Keith Ward, The Gospels – Fact or Fiction? by JDG Dunn, Jesus in the Gospels by David Wenham, Religious Experience by Robert Kirkwood

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