About our Director

Dr Jeremy Hall is Head of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Newington College, Sydney. He holds degrees in Theology from the University of Durham and a PhD from the Centre for the Study of Literature, Theology and the Arts, University of Glasgow. He leads a large and successful department in Sydney and is Director of Newington College Centre for Ethics. As part of his role, he is responsible for Theory of Knowledge and Philosophy for the IB Diploma Programme. He has also been a Sessional Lecturer at Charles Sturt University and a member of the development panel for the Masters in Religious and Values Education.

Previously Head of Philosophy at Hutchesons’ Grammar School, Glasgow, Jeremy was particularly involved in the development of Philosophy as a subject in Scottish schools. He was an examiner for the Scottish Qualifications Authority and a member of the advisory group which produced the first Scottish Higher in Philosophy.

Jeremy has been closely associated with DAN since the Canberra Conference of 2002. He has been NSW Executive and a member of the editorial board of the Dialogue Australasia Journal. He is also founding editor of Dialogue UK, a journal he has edited for nearly twenty-five years. He has run professional development courses for teachers in Australia and the UK, including the recent Inspiring Questions workshops in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney and Adelaide.

Throughout his career, Jeremy has been a passionate advocate of Religious Studies and Philosophy in secondary schools. His academic interests include: Philosophy of Religious Education; Teaching Ethics; Philosophy of Religion; Religion and the Arts.

About our Network

Established in 2000, Dialogue Australasia Network (DAN) is committed to fostering and promoting critical and creative approaches to teaching Religion and Philosophy in Australasian schools.

We have over 300 members from Independent, Catholic and Government schools and Educational Bodies in Australia and New Zealand.

DAN’s PURPOSE is to help young people become more fully human by nurturing and promoting the development of a broad-based academic approach to the teaching of Religious Education and Philosophy.

DAN’s VISION is to be a vibrant organisation that brings together educators who have a shared sense of the importance of our purpose, and a willingness to work together to achieve its objectives.

Dialogue Australasia Network Limited is a registered company governed by the DAN Board and guided by our Constitution.

The affairs of the network are conducted by the Executive Officer with the support of the Executive.

The DAN Board:

  • Roy Kelley (Board Chair) – Headmaster Melbourne Grammar, VIC
  • Rev Nikolai Blaskow – Chair of Dialogue Australasia Journal (Ex-officio)
  • Director:  Jeremy Hall, NSW

The DAN Executive:

  • Eleanor O’Donnell – Ballarat Grammar School, VIC
  •  Terry McDevitt – Westminster School, SA
  • Simon Bennett – St Michael’s Collegiate School, TAS


Contact US

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