The 10 Commandments Christian Education Programme

   The 10 Commandments Christian Education Programme (Yrs 12/13)
Christian Education Team, St Kentigern College, Auckland NZ

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The 10 Commandments Christian Education Programme

Developed from an initial concept by Rev Hamish Galloway, St Andrew’s College, Christchurch. This resource is a ongoing work in progress by members of the St Kentigern Christian Education Team including Susan Mumford and Mike Meyer.

All lessons make extensive use of clips from contemporary movies, some of which are listed here by way of example.





    • Movie Clips: Demolition Man, Contact, The Empire Strikes Back, Face Off, Jesus of Montreal, Bruce Almighty, Signs, The Truman Show, Phone Booth, The Matrix





    • Movie Clips: Lord of the Rings – Return of the King, Hotel Rwanda, Schindler’s List, Star Wars III – The Revenge of the Sith





    • Movie Clips: The Ten Commandments, The Prince of Egypt, Bruce Almighty, Dogma





    • Movie Clips: Monty Python’s The Life Of Brian,The Passion of the Christ, Bowling for Columbine, Shawshank Redemption





    • Movie Clips: Groundhog Day, The Matrix, Schindler’s List, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Chariots of Fire, The Lord of the Rings – The Return of the King





    • Movie Clips: Finding Nemo, Dead Poet’s Society, Episode from Desperate Housewives





    • Movie Clips: Dead Man Walking, Minority Report





    • Movie Clips: City Slickers, Indecent Proposal





    • Movie Clips: Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, A Simple Plan





    • Movie Clips: : To Kill a Mocking Bird, A Few Good Men, Episode from The Simpsons





    • Movie Clip: The Castle




Order a CD
Each of the above lessons have accompanying resources which are not linked here (PowerPoints & Commentaries, Details of Movie Clips, Worksheets etc).

To request a CD of the whole 10 Commandments Christian Education Programme (with lessons and resources), please email the EO with your school postal address. An invoice for $49.50 including postage will be sent with the CD. Proceeds from the sale of CDs will be divided between DAN & SKC.

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