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The webinars are free of charge to DAN members.

Planet Earth -  ecology concept, global warming concept, the effect of environment climate change. Elements of this image furnished by NASA (https://visibleearth.nasa.gov/)

Webinar: Climate Justice in RE

Wednesday 3 June,
5 – 6pm (AEST)

Lat Blaylock (National RE Adviser, UK)

This webinar will explore the ways in which the RE curriculum can contribute to students’ understanding of issues of climate change and justice, enabling young people to develop their knowledge of ‘green religion’, and their expression of perspectives and ideas about justice on this hot earth. Practical ideas to use in your classroom guaranteed.

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Panel Discussion: Ethics and Religion in a Changing World

Wednesday 22 July,
6.30pm (AEST)

Prominent religious leaders discuss contemporary moral issues.

Chaired by Christopher Waterhouse (Director of the St James’ Institute, St James’ Church, Sydney).

Streamed live from Newington College.

Shaykh Wesam Charkawi – The Abu Hanifa Institute
The Reverend Simon Hansford – Moderator of the Synod of NSW and the ACT in the Uniting Church
Rabbi Rafi Kaiserblueth – Emmanuel Synagogue, Sydney
Professor Margaret Somerville AM – Professor of Bioethics at the University of Notre Dame Australia

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Future Frontiers: Ethics for a Changing World

Wednesday 19 August,
5pm (AEST)

Reverend Tim Costello AO, Former Chief Executive of World Vision Australia

It’s a strange time to be alive. We have the prophets of gloom competing with the science fiction prophets who commit the ultimate narcissistic act with dreams of secular utopias where we can live in peace, perhaps forever if science can conquer death. Yet most people probably suspect the world is facing some kind of nervous breakdown. It’s a time of extremes; sometimes of deep darkness, but also a time for the emergence of a moral clarity; a solid rock in the midst of the storm. Retribalism has seen the emergence of micro-tribes that once were defined by nation, religion, or culture – now tightly defined by an ever-changing set of rules. Everyone seems to be in favour of social justice but it is a term that is essentially contestable, even to the philosophers and the religious. Meanwhile, the language of extremists — religious or secular — tends to be intolerant and aggressive. We fashion gods in our own image; gods who approve of our tastes, judgments and social biases. In other words, because we are afraid of the Big Picture, we prefer to look at the little pictures. Do our beliefs help us to live better and more fruitful lives? How can we elevate our minds and hearts to bring justice and empathy to a divided world?

Close up of a Sri Lankan wooden Buddha statue in a window display.

Introducing Buddhism:A Webinar for Teachers

Saturday 19 September,
10am (AEST)

Venerable Robina Courtin

In the hands of trees growing seedlings.

What is a Good Life?


Dylan Bartlett

For colleagues who missed last year’s DAN workshop, Dylan Bartlett will lead two webinars.

From vision to classroom reality, Dylan will share a wide-ranging and versatile unit for the middle school classroom (Years 7-10).

Topics will include:

  • Motivating philosophical discussion
  • Activity-centred learning for Philosophy and Religious Studies
  • Exploring the values that surround us


This year, the DAN Journal will be published in July and November. This will be available as a digital only resource, which will allow us to focus on a new colourful layout and live links to online resources.

Topics for July:

  • Moral Philosophies & Christian Principles in Medical Ethics
  • Jesus in his Social Setting
  • Aristotle & Virtue Ethics
  • The Moral Status of Animals
  • Meaning, Value, Design
  • Religious Language
  • Voluntary Euthanasia
  • Bentham, Mill & the Trolley Problem
  • Resource File: Climate Justice in RE