2017 DAN PD:

Feedback from April PD workshops with Jeremy Hall & Mark Case:

‘Engaging and inspiring. Fantastic to be led by passionate and successful teachers’ (Stephanie Spiller, Canberra Girls’ Grammar School)

‘Immensely practical and inspiring, I recommend this PD for any RE or Humanities educator’ (Luke Critchley, St Joseph’s College, Toowoomba)

‘A time of rich resourcing, stimulating possibilities, and practical ideas’ (Anne van Gend, New Zealand Schools)

‘The workshop was energetic and inspiring. Lots of fun along the way, but also wonderful resources and plenty of great ideas’ (Vanessa Gamack, Churchie)

‘Excellent positive, energetic presentation with lots of practical ideas. Team approach worked really well’ (Stephanie Maher, Grace Lutheran College)

‘Grounded in wise pedagogical thinking with intelligent and purposeful ideas for learning and assessment’ (Malcolm Woolrich, Melbourne Grammar)

‘Stimulating and refreshing’ (William Peacock, Melbourne Grammar)

‘An inspirational session that offered practical and relevant information to enhance my school’s RE programme. Thank you!’ (Melinda Naughton, Girton Grammar)

‘You will be inspired!’ (Lisa Benn, Lakeside College)

‘The kind of PD that commercial telly network executives should attend to see what really happens in Australian schools’ (Tom Arthurson, St Joseph’s College, Geelong)

‘I feel inspired, validated and hopeful about teaching RE and ethics again. A fresh approach to teaching RE in a challenging educational setting. Brilliant session. Well worth the time!’ (Liz Cutter, Tintern Grammar)


* Issue 37 – MAY 2017 Dialogue Australasia Journal















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————————————————————————————ABOUT DAN

Established in 2002, Dialogue Australasia Network (DAN) is an exciting and important initiative arising from a commitment to teach Religion and Philosophy with intellectual rigour and contemporary relevance in Australasian schools. We have over 300 members from Independent, Catholic and Government schools and Educational Bodies in Australia and New Zealand.

DAN’s PURPOSE is to help young people become more fully human by nuturing and promoting the development of a broad-based academic approach to the teaching of Religion and Philosophy.

DAN’s VISION is to be a vibrant organisation that brings together educators who have a shared sense of the importance of our purpose, and a willingess to work together to achieve its objectives.



DAN promotes a Five Strands approach to form the base for each school’s RAVE Curriculum from Prep – Yr 12 covering five essential areas:

  • Textual Strand: An appreciation of the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures (and the Judeo-Christian heritage underpinning much modern culture)
  • World Religions Strand
  • Philosophy of Religion Strand
  • Ethics & Values Strand
  • Affective Strand: Silence and Stillness

Every school is encouraged to develop these strands according to their specific curriculum aims, traditions, ethos and strengths. Read more



Membership of DAN is open to any individual, school or organisation committed to furthering the aims of the network. DAN supports its members through:



Check out our range of online resources including curriculum outlines, schemes of work and detailed lesson plans.


The  5 Strands Beginners Curriculum is offered as one possible way into teaching RAVE for new and non-specialist  teachers.


Yr 9 Matrix Course, Dr Nicholas Coleman, Wesley College, Victoria